watch functions.

mostly when we talk about watch, the first thing that come in to our mine;
the watch only gives time
the watch could be used only for official purposes, the watch is not a basic needs.

But we dont know aside from those mention above, the watch has a very spicial features and funtion to our society, or to every time  we go for our goals.

The strap of Watch

Strap comes also the factor of choosing the watch. For me, the strap of the watch is the dress, this is the clothes, the window of its beauty. The nice strap will affect the presentation of the watch. This will give more admirable the buyers. At this we will go on how to choose a watch with a nice and admirable straps. When choosing the watch you have to  look for the watch that the watch are strap easy to replace. To determine  that the watch are easy to replace the the strap, you have to look and if the strap is not combined with the casing or its body , the strap should be separated by the spring bar,  the strap must be easy to removed with its casing, with this you can choose or replace your strap any color you desire. Also you have to investigate if the strap are kin common size, co’z when its very huge or to small it is not easy to find or to buy for the replacement of your strap…

with this simple tips,  im hoping you’l find a very nice watch that fit for your active life style….

my out door collection

Time your run and track split times for specific distances with the Soleus 10K Large watch. This athletic watch helps you monitor your improvement by storing your runs; pre-set your target times for specific distances and track your progress in the Pace Mode. For fitness and as an everyday essential, the Soleus 10K Large watch makes a great choice .

this watch tells  how much you improved your game, using the split function of your watch.
This is water-resistant watch that withstand the water pressure as indicated the watch
This is a very friendly user due to its digital display , that gives you no calculating data.
his is actually made for athletes, for outdoor, for heavy duty..

my new and vintage watch

This watch is one of my favorite, this is actually for ragid field. This watch were made for heavy duty,
for those who love thrill adventure,for those of us who like to get wet! This Citizen watch is great for diving and water resistant up to 300m. The fascia is crystal clear ensuring you’ll be able to tell the time above or below the water’s surface

this watched is all stainless steel,
official for diving watch.

-hypoallergenic rubber strap.
it has date calendar
glow in the dark index and  time hands.,
this is already tested and proven in different countries who used this watch
this is a Zero complain watch.

My touchscreen watch

My colloection

One of my best-watch I’ve d ever had.

This Watch could be used in different way of surroundings.

Classic style meets modern technology with this ultra-modern touch screen digital watch with a timeless round face and brushed black metal chain link band.

  • round face digital watch with touch sensor technology
  • 1.875″ wide face
  • black face with oversized digital display
  • black enamel-coated link band
  • date calendar displayed at top
  • time display for 32 world cities
  • count up and count down timers
  • alarm clock
  • backlight for nighttime viewing
  • water resistant to 99 feet
  • Kenneth Cole signature on face
  • limited lifetime guarantee
  • imported

japan movement, new technology applied..

New Watch

A day before I step into another surroundings, I discover New Watch

and a new features. This Watch looks very simple, very cheap-looking watch,

but if you’re going the explore this watch, you can’t believe, how this watch made. This watch has a lot of features.. this is a Digital/LCD Watch..

It has…

Ultra Violet Rays Detector

High and Low Tide indicator

Temperature Sensor

and all the features of  ordinary digital watch, this watch have.. like




and other functions..



Care Your Watch

If you are already the proud owner of a watch, here are a few tips to help you care for your watch:

  • Your watch is a beautiful fashion timepiece and is not considered waterproof.  Wearing your watch swimming, diving or showering could risk damage to the movement.

  • Do not stop your watch to conserve the battery.  Many people will pull out the stem of their watch to save battery life, and while a few months may be added to the battery life, the movement of the watch is damaged by settled oils and greases.  For the same reason it is good to replace the battery of your watch quickly after the battery dies.

  • Batteries should be replaced by a reputable jeweler or watch repair man, or, if possible, returned to our factory.  (Maybe we’ll give it a quick polish as well!)  Do not try to change your own battery.

  • Do not open your watch and expose the movement.  Even a small speck of dust or lint will ruin the movement.  If the movement is exposed by a cracked or broken crystal, return the watch to our factory to have it replaced.

  • Cleaning Instructions:
    All precious sterling silver will oxidize in time, therefore, less exposure to the environment will slow down this process.  When not wearing your watch, it is recommended that it be kept in the original suede leather pouch.  This soft leather pouch will reduce the tarnishing caused by exposure from sulfur in the air.  Should (when) your  watch need cleaning or polishing, we suggest using a jeweler’s polishing cloth.  Do not wash with water and detergent as this may damage the movement and create water spots on the silver case.

IF you have any questions… ask me..

Usage of watches

Watch is Watch according to one of my co worker.. and its rigth.

Watch is defend on how you want the watches,

it has different usage of watches defends on the types..

There is.,

Watch for kids..

this watch most is analog. the hands type,

this type is good for the kid to practice the their ability how to identify,

an to practice reading, and the most the kid will learn from this practice for time management..

Watch For sports..

this watch has 2 style..

the Chronograph analog, and digital style..

the chrono-ana, – this is style has a 3 sub-dial or 3 eye.

its dial inside is important role  for the sports.  Chronograph will tell how long or your exact time while doing you sports. this shows the stop and start of work. it has the sub-second, second , minute and the hour.. the same function as the digital -chrono.

Watch for Casual or Formal

this watch watch usually is metal bracelet, or leather strap,

this watch looks very classic it shows only the time date..

Watches doesn’t really  a water proof,  it is only a water resistant and it defend on the limits of the watches can resist the pressure..

the limits are written in the watch itself..

it only called waterproof for the divers watch to make safe for the market..